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How to Make Dyed Hair Last-longer and Smoother?

How to Make Dyed Hair Last-longer and Smoother?


Sở hữu một mái tóc nhuộm làm bạn trở nên nổi bật và các tính. Song việc giữ được ấn tượng nổi bật đó với mái tóc bền màu và luôn luôn bóng mượt trong một thời gian lâu dài cần có sự chăm sóc tỉ mỉ cùng những lựa chọn chính xác về các sản phẩm dưỡng tóc. Đây là 6 bí quyết đơn giản dành cho tóc nhuộm:

have a beautiful dyed hair like international models

Key 1 : When getting hair dyed, use hair-dying products with brand name and no zinc axit containg. The most difficut thing of a dyed hair is you mustn't wash your hair in 48 hours after getting dyed. However, in the market, now have a shampoo product without washing with water, help you get over this misery. My Quick Fix produc of RPR is an idea.

Key 2 : Avoid washing hair with hot water containing much chlorine. Hair experts advise that in first 2 weeks after dying your hair, you shouldn't go swimming or let hair contact with water. In case "enjoy water" is your extreme passion, you can use My Vitaliser before swimming,  a cream product of RPR nourishing for hair and after swimming with RPR Declorinate to remove chlorine. Now, these are 2 unique products in Vietnam market that can help you nourish your hair even when you want to go swimming in first 2 weeks after dying hair.

Key 3 : Not dry hair in high temperature. Within 48 hours after dying, shouldn't use styling tools which are with direct heat such as : clamp, tools creating artifical hair styles. You can see products with heat-anti like : RPR Protect My Hair whenever you have to get in touch with heat tools.

Key 4 : Don't use normal shampoo and conditioner, shampoo products have high detergent. If you see shampoo and conditioner as your first choice, your dyed hair will have risk of "faded-away from colour", dry hair.... The best way to keep your colour hair last-longer and smooth is using professional shampoo, nourish products especially for dyed hair. Particularly, within first 2 weeks after dying, shouldn't perm or come out your hair.

Key 5 : Use professional shampoo and conditioner which support for dyed hair and slow maximum the colour-aging process after dying. At once, you need provide full of neccessary nutrilites for dyed hair. These are products for your choice : shampoo & conditioner RPR My Hydrating, RPR Brighten My Blonde, Color Save Shampoo of Schwarzkopf, Morphosis deluxe of Framesi.


My Multi Vitamin Mask of RPR is capable of keeping hair colour last-longer

Key 6 : To make hair have smooth and beautiful colour, you should choose styling products and products with nutrilites protecting hair of external environment and support proteins, helping nourish hair from inside. You can use nourishing products like : Color Save Treatment of Schwarzkopft, GRP Volume Rich of Framesi or cold-brewed cream RPR My Multi Vitamin Mask to help hair keep colour last-longer and smoother


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