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Take Care of Your Hair with Quoc "Catwalk"

Take Care of Your Hair with Quoc "Catwalk"

by B.Min

Phụ Nữ Ngày Nay had an interview with Mr.Quoc "Catwalk" right at his own salon at 168 Tran Dung Dao, Co Giang ward, dist.1, HCM city. Despite being very busy of preparing for the contest "Guiness Record in Hair Profession", the record-breaker, been one of nine RPR Haircare Vietnam stylists, accomplished 39 hair styles within 9 minutes, still warmly gave advice, explained questions about..dyed-hair care.

Q : Many people after dying their hair for a period of time, feel their hair begin getting damped. What's the reason?

Quốc Catwalk (Q.C) : Maybe they use rapidly much chemical in a short time (3 months), shampoo they use not have colour-keeping and hair nourisning substance. So that, after a long time, colour fades away, hair is not nourished properly, leading hair easy get dry, and damped.

Q : So, the first step to get a beautiful dyed hair is have a good hair-dye.Which hair-dye you're using?

Q.C : RPR MyColour! According to evalute of many famous stylists in the world, RPR MyColour is a hair-dye product range that nourish for hair with the best quality, overcome the expectations of professional customers.

Stylist Quốc "Catwalk"

Q : It's their opinion, but your own opinion,is it so "marketing"?

Q.C : Not absolutely, you soon its advantage. RPR My Colour uses colour technology Micro Pigment (technology of super-micro colour specks, absorbing deeper into body of hair, help colour last-longer) with a minimum content of Amonia (1,3% - 3%) help reduce hair damp in the proccess of dying, give the smooth and fresh hair. It also smoothies as well as protects hair cuticle, help damped hair softer, shiner and smoother.

Q : How about products for dyed-hair,do you have any recommends for Phu Nu Ngay Nay readers?

Q.C : You should use shampoo and contidioner with colour-keeping substance, blow dry and nourish. When you apply onto hair, they will "protect" your hair from sunlight, help hair not get damped. I'm used to using gel, mousse, wax... of RPR because they are not dust-stick, plump hair when using helmet, easy to rinse..Besides that, RPR also has a product range for recovering damped hair, chemical treament before sperm, coming out hair, removing brass colours unexpected, pump for hair volume.

Salon Quốc Catwalk - One of the top salons in HCM City about haircare

Q : Things to note before taking care of dyed-hair?

Q.C : To take care for a dyed-hair, you must pay attettion to following things : More than 3 months, you are able to use dye-chemical, avoid washing hair with hot water. Often get oil-steam, better once/week ; When washing, should enclose with conditioner, washing around three times/week; Every months, cut the damped ends for not affecting to healthy parts around ; Finally, not blow-dry in high temperature

Thank you and hope you always get success!

 source from Phu Nu Ngày Nay

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